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Sittings, Circles and One to One  Mentorship

Fortune Telling Cards
Claire has extensive experience with sittings, teaching workshops & circles.

Psychic & Mediumistic Sittings


During a sitting Claire works with her psychic and mediumistic gifts and abilities as well as her guides in the Spirit world. 


During a sitting Claire is able to pass on messages to the sitter from family and friends who have passed. 


The sittings are highly evidential, leaving no doubt as to whom is communicating. 


The sittings help to provide insight and guidance for your life and tend to naturally cover areas where the sitter has questions or concerns, providing clarity. 

Claire's sittings help to bring forth the love and continuing support of those passed. 

Claire is sensitive to the reasons why people want a sitting, and is compassionate, knowing that some are undergoing difficult times and grieving. 


All sittings are confidential.

Spiritual Pathway Guidance

Are you aware of receiving messages from the Spirit world but are unsure if it is real or your imagination? 

Are you naturally empathetic or find you often use your intuition?

Do you want to know who your Guides are?

Are you a psychic or mediumistic?

What is holding you back from reaching your full potential?

With a Spiritual pathway session I can, with my Spirit guides and yours, help you to find the answers. 

Working together allows the Spirit world to provide insight and clarity bringing forth a deeper understanding of your own spiritual pathway and calling.  

Circles & Workshops


Claire has been teaching psychic, mediumistic and spiritual awareness circles and workshops for over 16  years.  These are in person and also online.

Whether you are just beginning your spiritual journey or have been working for a number of years, each session allows the participant to deepen their understanding and strengthen their connection with the Spirit world.

Claire organises and runs fun, informative and inspiring classes to suit all abilities. 

Covering a variety of methods to deepen your understanding of your own abilities and gifts, each session allows the participant to confidently explore their awareness. 

Please see the workshop page to see the different areas covered.

One to One Mentorship

Claire teaches students from all over the world how to develop and deepen their own psychic and mediumistic gifts and abilities, with a number of online sessions tailored personally to the needs and experience of those participating.

Individuals benefit from focused personal insight into their development as well as detailed notes and teaching.

Claire's understanding of how mediumship works, as well as her extensive knowledge of the history and philosophy of Spiritualism and Spirituality, mean that there is a depth to her teaching that others do not have, and as such the participant comes away with far more than just a understanding of their own mediumship, but also an awareness of the meaning and purpose behind their gifts.

During the sessions students have the opportunity to practice their gifts with others who have also learnt from Claire's teaching, as well as members of the public. 

Each session explores some of the different aspects of mediumship which are individually created to take into account experience. 

For some this may mean an introduction and for others a deepening of their understanding and clearer awareness of their mediumistic potential.

The 6 week mentorship includes the following:

The difference between Psychic & Mediumship

The Clairs - clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognisance, clairolifactory, clairgustance.

Who are your Guides, the help they give and how to build a strong rapport with them.

How to conduct a private sitting and the considerations to be given prior to working with a variety of people with different expectations and needs.

The deeper altered states, from inspiration to trance mediumship.

How to do photograph readings.

No experience is necessary, just a willingness to work and an open mind.

Claire offers continuing support and guidance after the course has finished.


Claire has seen many of her of students go on to working professionally as mediums and teachers, passing on the messages and love from those in the Spirit world.

"Mediumship is an ever changing gift and the potential that lies within each of us is simply waiting for us to take that leap of faith and be what we were born to be."   Claire Edwards


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