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Not all psychics are mediums but all mediums are psychic.  So how do we know in which way we are working and the difference between the two? 

Psychics are able to feel or interpret the energy of a incarnate person- that is a person who is still living within the physical realm, whilst a medium is able to perceive the energy of both a person said to be “alive” and those said to have “died” – that is a discarnate Spirit or one without a physical body.

By exploring the information we are given and how we perceive it we can begin to understand the gifts and the abilities that we have and to then from this understanding empower the messages that we give to others in their time of need.


Spirit Art is where the Spirit world impress upon the medium, images or drawings that provide evidence of the survival of the family and friends whom have passed over.  This can include portraits, whereby the likeness shows to the sitter who is giving them a message.  Auragraphs are pictures and drawings perceived through the psychic and mediumistic ability regarding another person’s life, spiritual development and well being.  Both are a wonderful and different way of giving and receiving a message from Spirit both incarnate and discarnate.  Whilst some of the gifts of the Spirit can take time and patience to unfold, there are no limitations to the ways in which the Spirit can and do communicate with us, this is a lovely workshop that opens up both awareness and the potential that each person truly has.


Mediums are not just clairvoyant – clear seeing.  They work with the spiritual senses known as “The Clairs”. 

These are

clairsentience – clear feeling

clairaudience – clear hearing

clairolifactory – clear smelling

clairgustance – clear tasting

clairknowing – clear knowing. 

This workshop will explore how each of the Clairs enhances and empowers the mediumistic and psychic experience when giving messages to the others and working with the Spirit world.


Our world is full of colour with each one vibrationally interacting with us, mostly without our conscious awareness. 

When we begin to perceive the power of colour and how we respond to it, it can add another dimension to our psychic and mediumistic awareness – for example when we work with auras.  During this workshop we will look at the different auric fields and what the colours within each mean in relation to our spiritual, emotional, physical and mental journey.


Working closely with our Guides in the Spirit world to begin and continue the journey through the altered states to trance mediumship where the inspired philosophy can be spoken and shared with others.  Trance mediumship is a profound and beautiful gift that not only deepens our understanding of this world and the next but that also allows us the opportunity to build the most sacred and intimate relationship with our Spirit guides.


Music carries something of the person whom was inspired to create it within it.  This powerful expression of someone’s spirit is a wonderful way to open ourselves to the beauty of our Spirit.  By allowing the music of another to move our Spirit we enable an opening up of the deeper more mystical ways in which our gifts can manifest.


Taken from the Greek, the word “psychometry” can be translated to mean “Spirit or Soul measure”.  By attuning to an object or photograph that belonged or belongs to another we can open our awareness to the story of that person’s life and their relationship to another.  This deeply personal and unique way of working can bring forth information of another’s life that provides evidence of the soul’s survival after death and the wonder that this truth means for us all.


Who are your Spirit Guides?  Why have they sought to work with you?  How do know when they are communicating with you? 

By taking the time to know who your guides are and why they are working with you, you not only deepen your understanding but you bring to your psychic and mediumistic gifts a quickening and the opportunity to work in different ways.  Like attracts like and those that work with you and through know and love you more than anyone else.  Surely we should seek to know and feel those who are the constants at our sides and are our guardian angels through the trials and tribulations of life?


As one year ends how has the last 12 months affected ourselves and our spiritual growth?  What is the potential for the year ahead?  By sitting and working together with the Spirit world and our own Spirit we can review and reflect before beginning to manifest the year we would wish for.


Who are you?

Who do you believe you are?

What makes you who you are?

How do you know whether your reactions are due to past experiences rather than the reality of the present moment?

Would you like to be able to live your life without regret, guilt & sadness?

Are you ready to accept your past, forgive others and find self love and peace for the rest of your life?

Exploring universal spiritual ideas with practical exercises and honest discussion, A Course In Miracles brings an understanding to the spiritual nature of your life.


Whether you are seeking answers for your self, or working with your psychic and mediumistic gifts to help others, this course will lead to a deeper awareness of the spiritual aspect of life that embraces and permeates all things within our worlds.

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