The Psychic World Newspaper - My monthly article - October 2020



By Claire Edwards DSNU


“Your deepest roots are in nature.

No matter who you are, where you live,

or what kind of life you lead,

you remain irrevocably linked

with the rest of creation.”

Charles Cook


We are blessed that we have a very big garden and the person who lived in our home before us was clearly a knowledgeable gardener as we have plants and flowers that bloom all year round.  We have the most amazing Mimosa tree that is currently changing from a minty green to a silvery green.  We also have a beautiful Ivy bush that this week has seen it bloom and therefore attract various insects.  At one point we had a Red Admiral butterfly, a Peacock butterfly and some Hornets sharing the plant.  Much to the joy and wonder of us all – well I was a tad scared of the Hornets to be honest!


But as I sat in the wild patch of the garden that nature has created I was conscious of feeling the grass and the ground beneath me.  And pondering how, though I was still, the world was slowly turning.  And I decided to lie down to see what I was aware of. 


I tried to see if I could visualise the fact that we are on a revolving ball that is in space and to see how that made me feel.  I was overwhelmed by the feeling of being held up and supported by the Earth.  And how if everything within our world has some level of consciousness how this is so obviously true for our planet. 


To have so many different purposes and functions happening simultaneously such as the weather systems, the movement of the ice flows, the plates of the earth grinding against each other to create new landscapes, as well as sustaining all the animated living things within our existence is simply awe inspiring and humbling.


People talk about Mother Earth and Gaia.  There is much discussion and protests about how humans impact upon our world in ways that strip it of its vital elements and minerals, harvest it riches without thought of their necessity to our lives, carving deep within the ground in ways that seem to serve only humankind and not the plants and animals with which we share this home, pouring and discarding the things we no longer deem of value into the seas and oceans that provide us and all of life with the water that we simply need to live.


Where has that connection with our Mother Earth, our home gone?


Are we so sheltered in our homes, within our villages, towns and cities with various metal boxes that transport around to the other buildings that we need to visit to sustain our lifestyle?  Are we so consumed with the things that we consume that for many do provide momentary contentment whilst we fit into the ideas of what makes us happy that seem to have become the “norm”? 


To get a job, to get a home, to get the perfect relationship, to do the things that our society now tells us and deems to be the measure of whether our lives have value or are a success.


Through the lockdown period many have had time to consider the loss of the things that helped to create their identity and their place within the world.  With no work to go to and no places to visit there has been for many a chance to reflect on what they are doing with their lives, what actually makes them happy and if there is anything that they would wish to change.


Maybe some will even be motivated, brave even, to actually make those changes.  Maybe some will not.


But as the way we live changes in so many ways, perhaps now is the time to consider the impact and the footprint that our lives will leave upon the Earth that is our home.


What is the lasting effect that our lives will have upon our world?  Will the fact that we have lived upon it mean that we have left it a better place?  Will the sum of our actions leave behind a positive legacy for those that come after us?  Will the decisions that we make about how we interact with the world around us be for our benefit only or will they take into consideration that we are not the only thing of importance that lives upon the Earth.  Will we genuinely be able to say that we tried to live in harmony with each aspect of life or that we were selfish and sought only to fulfil our own desires and wants irrespective of others.


Maybe now is the time, the moment to consider how we can better interact and live upon the Earth.  Maybe this is the moment that a change can be made, however small, that will cause a lasting impact for the good of the whole.


I believe that there is a Great Spirit that watches over us, that Divine Spirit of which I have written about before.  I also believe that there is a beautiful and Great Spirit within our world – Gaia.  I wonder how this Spirit feels about how we act and treat all the gifts that she provides for us.  The wonder of the plants and trees that not only give us the oxygen we need to breathe, but also the natural remedies and cures that can help to heal us, the shade upon a hot day and food that can sustain us all.  The harmonious phenomena, the most beautiful orchestrated natural symphony of how the streams and rivers, seas and oceans, hold and carry the water to where it is needed as it becomes the rain that gives us water to drink.


There are miracles that occur within our world, every second of every day and we take them for granted, we do not acknowledge them, we no longer see them.  We have become blinded to the gifts Gaia gives to us, the gift of life.



(c) Claire Edwards DSNU 2020

(C) 2020 Claire Edwards DSNU with 

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