The Psychic World Newspaper - My monthly article - September 2021

“Doubting Thomas”

When I am teaching others I try to convey the importance of building a relationship with their Guides to help to unfold and develop their psychic and mediumistic abilities and gifts.  But I also speak of the importance of coming to know their own higher Spirit or consciousness.  That is the part of us that first inspired us to begin our spiritual journey.

Each of us was born with a spark of the Divine within us, that Spirit that we are that is constantly with us, trying to help us and guide us throughout our times upon the Earth plane.

We are all Spirit undergoing a physical experience for a time until we shall pass as the demise of our physical body takes place and we return to the Spiritual realms once more.  This is something that many understand and take comfort from.

But why do so many people seem to rely solely on the messages from those in the Spirit world, family, friends and guides without seeking to know their own Spirit?  If we can accept and actively seek out guidance from others no longer here, why do we still doubt that Spirit that we are and the direct link we have to the Divine?

Sometimes I am reminded of the story of Thomas from the Christian faith.  He refused to believe that Jesus had been resurrected until he could physically feel the wounds Jesus had from his crucifixion.  This is where the term “doubting Thomas” comes from.  He needed to have an actual physical experience because he found it hard to accept by faith alone that Jesus had survived his death.

This is something that many understand.  People often misinterpret how the Spirit world communicate to us after their passing due to needing and wanting overwhelming proof in some tangible form that their loved one is still around them.  Faith alone is not enough.  And whilst mediums and other spiritual experiences give evidence that is both powerful and provable there is still with many this element of doubt and questioning.

Some will be blessed with an experience that gives them unshakeable confirmation and proof that to them confirms long held beliefs and ideas about the Spirit world and these can come in a variety of forms.  Mystical poets spoke of seeing Angels and other beings from the Spirit world during their moments of inspiration for example.

But for many if they sought to have a deep rapport with their own Spirit, their own higher consciousness, they too would receive the same blessing.  That is that over time they would come to fully know and understand the divinity within them and as such their link to the Divine source, power and love, that some term God.

And if we become truly aware of that spark of infinite light and love within us then the things that we can do, the understanding that we gain alters everything.

It alters how we see the world; it alters how we see ourselves and our reason for being here now.  It means that the work that we do can be done knowing that we can make the world around us a better place.  We are given the answers to some of the questions that people have pondered and fretted over for centuries. 


And as we become aware of that spark of the divine within us, we begin to see it within all things and as such the world around us changes forever.  Whilst by no means perfect due to the thoughtless and selfish actions of humans, we begin to see that all of nature is guided by some supreme intelligence and sustained with love and harmony.  There is a natural balance with all of creation and that includes us.


Humans may be the sole cause of all the hardship and damage being created within our world at the moment, but by coming to know our own Spirit, our own higher consciousness and truly realising our connection, not only to the wider world, but to that Divine power, then we come to know who and what we truly are. 

A living, deathless Spirit, without limitations, capable of giving limitless love to others without fear of losing something of ourselves or denying ourselves something we perceive we need.

If we believe that the world has been created by the Divine source of all things, then why do we question this for ourselves?  None of us was created by mistake, none of us is without purpose, none of us is without a Divine connection to those in the Spirit world and beyond. 

We just need to make that leap of faith, to seek to know that Spirit that we are, to build a loving and respectful relationship with the spark of the Divine within us until such time as we become blessed to no longer be following our inner guidance and inspiration based on faith alone but on direct and actual experiences that are both mystical and spiritual.

Otherwise there will be a part of us that will be, for now, a Doubting Thomas.

© Claire Edwards DSNU 2021