The Psychic World Newspaper - My monthly article - June 2021

A Force from Above.


By Claire Edwards DSNU.


Over the last year or so I, as have many, have been serving churches and centres online as they sought to keep their services and demonstrations going during the pandemic.  This has brought wonderful opportunities to work for different places which would not be possible otherwise due to the distance they are from where I live.  These precious services have meant that many whom would not normally be able to attend a service or demonstration, regardless of their location, have also been able to do so and to experience the ways in which the Spirit world can and do convey their messages with new or different mediums. 


Though at times there were technical difficulties as people grappled with meeting codes and passwords, these online moments spread much needed comfort and love in some of the darkest months that we have seen over the last year or so.  It has once again amazed me just how the intelligence of the Spirit world has shone through to allow the coming together between the two worlds to take place and how those whom we love in the Spirit world have been able to provide evidence of their continuing survival, support, understanding and love in a way that has at times felt very alien and somewhat disconnected.


These wonderful experiences have meant that people have gained a deeper understanding that no matter what befalls us, or how our world is, that those in the Spirit world will find a way to show to us and to prove to us that the death of the physical body is not the extinction of our Spirit. 


That there are no limitations or barriers that can prevent the vital message from being given to us and those in need, that there is so much more to us than our physical presence.  That those whom we love who have passed before us share with us the joy and the sorrows of our lives as they seek to strengthen our resolve with the reassuring presence of their love and Spirit.


And whilst those in the Spirit world have not been able to answer some of the questions about when things will return to “normal” they have sought to communicate with us the power and unconditional love from that Divine Spirit in whom we all have our being.  To reassure that whilst times are hard for many and unbearable for others there is a higher power and intelligence that oversees all things.  To give understanding and confidence that there is a greater plan at work here, that there are higher beings whom watch over the events taking place and seek to heal the troubles that our world is currently facing. 


It is this knowing, this understanding, this faith that beyond our control and perhaps our awareness, there is a greater love and intelligence who is tirelessly working to bring to all within our world a consciousness of the true reality and interdependence of our world.  To facilitate lasting change that does not benefit the few but all things with whom we share this planet.  To show that we all bear a responsibility to make the changes in the world that are needed to enable every living thing to thrive within it.  That the value of a human life is no more precious than that of a tree or animal. 


All things within our world are connected, a part of the whole that sustains each and every thing, a world where each has a purpose, no matter how insignificant some may believe it to be, due to lack of thought, lack of care or lack of awareness.


To come out of this pandemic with little thought as to how we can change things, or how we affect things would be quite tragic.  To simply go back to living a life whereby material gains are the measure of a successful life with little thought as to the wider world and the living things within it would be a tragedy. 


As we have all spent time on our own, with little contact with others, whether family or friends, we can but hope that the realisation has come to many that there are greater things within our world that can sustain us and fulfil us in ways that we had forgotten or have yet to discover. 


That the simple things bring contentment and peace.  That feelings and thoughts we often have to push aside due to the demands of the day could be experienced and pondered as we found ourselves with little option but to consider the meaning of our lives, our relationships, our work, our ideas and values.


Many services and demonstrations are to continue to be held online so that those whom cannot attend or who wish to see how other places conduct Spirit communication can do so, and this is one of the blessings that can be taken from the pandemic and the way we have had to live our lives in recent times.


But as we move forward now with services and demonstrations beginning to take place within our churches and centres, let us not forget that during our darkest days, during those moments when the isolation and lack of contact with those whom we love in the physical seemed to be endless, it did not mean that we lost contact with those in the Spirit world. 


The compassion that touches us from those who have gone before us to the Summerland is constant, limitless and timeless.  If we think of those whom we love now perhaps it helps us to comprehend with absolute certainty that given the chance to reach to them after our passing, to say “I am still here, I still love you and will not leave you.” That there will be nothing able to stop us, such is the power of love that we share.


© Claire Edwards DSNU 2021