The Psychic World Newspaper - My monthly article - January 2021

A Robin and A Feather.


By Claire Edwards DSNU


Many people who have sittings wonder if their loved ones are still around them after their passing to the Spirit world.  I am often aware that indeed they are and that they are trying to let their loved one know that they are well and that they have not left them.  But many people feel that it is wishful thinking, that it is their imagination or sadly feel as if they have been completely left alone.


I try to explain that the way in which those in the Spirit world are able to communicate with us is often not in the way that they may expect it to happen.  Many are so desperate to see their loved one that they miss the subtle and gentle ways in which those in the Spirit world do reach back to us once more to show their love.


For those who are blessed with mediumistic awareness or Spiritual and Spiritualist knowledge, they understand that there are different ways in which we can experience the touch of a loved one once more.  There is clairsentience – clear feeling – whereby one is able to experience or feel the presence of someone in the Spirit world.  This beautiful yet sometimes subtle gift can convey deep emotions, the personality of the Spirit communicator, their physical description and the manner of their passing amongst other things.


There is of course clairvoyance and clairaudience whereby one is able to see and hear those in the Spirit world whether this be subjectively or objectively.  Many dismiss the things that they see in their mind’s eye or hear in their own “head” as being imagination due to misunderstanding that sometimes this is the easiest way for those in the Spirit world to communicate with us.  Indeed for many seeing and hearing their loved one in the same way, that is objectively and as if standing in front of us once more is rare due to the power and energy that is required.


There are the other psychic senses called “The Clairs” such as clairolfactory whereby we are able to perceive a scent or smell that can tell us who is trying to let us know that they are still around us though no longer physically present.  Many people sense the scent or smell of a particular flower or tobacco smoke to give just two examples.


The difference in the way that we can perceive family and friends around can be subtle, they can be very powerful and can be experienced at the same time.


If those who come to sittings are able to leave, if appropriate to both the situation and the individual sitter, with a clearer understanding that they too have the ability to communicate with their loved ones in the Spirit world once more, then not only do mediums help to reassure them that their loved is well and that there is so much more to come after the death of the physical body, then we can also help to open up their understanding of the true nature of life.  Of the reality that they too are a Spirit within a physical body for a short time.


I was always taught and teach others now that it is often easier for a Spirit person to communicate directly with their family or friend rather than through an intermediary due to the strong bonds of love within personal relationships.  Many will have heard the phrase “Be your own medium”.  And I truly believe that for many this is possible if they are able to have no expectation as to how communication takes place and are given some understanding of how the Spirit world are able to communicate with us.


So many of us would cherish the chance to have another moment, however brief, with our loved ones once more, where we could hold them close, hear their voice and laughter again and to see the twinkle in their eyes as they smiled.  But until such time as this is possible we can feel their love and presence in different ways, ways that are still so meaningful and powerful and that show to us that love never truly dies and nor shall we. 


I know many people who when they see a robin are reminded of someone who has passed and believe it to be a sign that they are near.  It is particularly significant in my family and the middle name of one of my children is Robyn due to the spiritual meaning it has for us in a number of ways.


Others find feathers.  Often they are white and there is no possible way for them to be where they are found other than from those in the Spirit world seeking to let us know that they are close by and thinking of us. 


There are many ways in which the Spirit world and those whom we love can and do communicate with us once more.  Sometimes it is so subtle and gentle that we miss it or misinterpret it but try again they will and they do, to let us know that they are still alive, that they still love us and that there is nothing to fear from death.


Those of us who are Spiritualists and those who are purporting to work for the Spirit World and Spiritualism, in whatever way that may be, have the blessing in that we know the different ways in which the Spirit world can and do seek to make their presence known.  Do we not then have the responsibility to help others that come to us to share this understanding with them so that they too can truly begin to perceive the truth and the beauty that is ours as Spirits within a physical form for the briefest of moments before we return to the Summerland.


We should try not to judge the ways in which the communication is received but rather we should try to change the way that we perceive it.  Some of the most beautiful messages in life are seemingly the simplest but they are quite wonderfully a perfect sign that heaven is a place nearby and for many that sign is a Robin and a Feather.


© Claire Edwards DSNU 2021


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