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"As always, a lovely service at the Sanctuary last night with the gifted medium, Claire Edwards.  A superb address and a masterly demonstration of spirit communication.  Thank you  Claire, it was a pleasure to see you work once more in the Sanctuary."

George McQueen - the Sanctuary of Healing

"Claire thank you so much for giving us the opportunity of feeling our mum closer, and all your words to me.  Through your beautiful gift I can see my life making more sense now and I know what I have to do.  I really like your energy too and your smile. Thank you."


"A massive thank you to Claire Edwards for our service last night.  Your evidence was fantastic and gave such comfort to the people lucky enough to receive a message.  So lucky to have found you.  Thank you so so much from all of us."

Tonbridge Spiritualist Centre

"I have had readings with Claire as well as classes about Trance.  Claire is a very powerful medium as well as being very knowledgeable.  She is an excellent teacher.  She is genuine and honest."


"I recently had an amazing mediumship reading with the amazingly gifted Claire Edwards she is spiritually blessed with her readings. Her accuracies are outstanding and she is a genuinely spiritual lady with all the graces God has given her.  My reading was accurate and gave me immense hope and spiritual grounding.  Claire makes you feel at ease and gives you a true and accurate account of Spirit.  I would truly recommend this amazing lady."


"I have had a number of sittings with Claire over the years.  I found them all very helpful and relevant to what was going on in my life at the time.  I have also attended Claire's groups which have had great influence on my own development and work."

Graham Davies - Number 11 Therapy Centre 

"Claire gave me a fabulous reading recently (mid-May) and it was truly fascinating watching her process too.  I could only hope to ever get to her level as she is truly amazing!  To be honest I'd recommend everyone should have a reading with Claire."


"I have had the blessed experience from Claire's teaching and readings.  She really is an amazing teacher and medium.  If you get a chance to have a reading with her, you must, very spot on with everything.  I've also sat in Claire's workshops, these are well constructed and taught at an exceptional level.  I would highly recommend this beautiful lady."


"I am very impressed with my 3 month reading from Claire.  She accurately identified areas of my life I am concerned with at present and her words were helpful in terms of me moving forward.  I was looking for guidance and I feel my unasked questions were answered."


"I had a reading today with Claire Edwards and was so impressed with her accuracy.  Everything was spot on and given in a friendly and empathetic way."


"I had a Skype reading with Claire, she was able to help me to move forward on my spiritual journey.  She could sense my abilities, and weaknesses, and give lots of good advice for my future work.  Her reading - spiritual assessment was the best one I have ever had."


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